Plant Ecophysiology

The Plant Ecophysiology team studies processes at the plant and the ecosystem levels and analyses the influence of environmental factors on their structural and functional properties.

The main objective is to understand the biological and physical mechanisms of the responses of plant-soil systems to environmental constraints (drought, cold, heat, strong light, nutrient deficiencies).

This research also aims at developing models, methods and instruments to diagnose and predict the responses of plants, soil and ecosystems to global changes, especially climatic changes.

Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution TEAM LEADER: Kamel Soudani


Jianhong Lin, Mubarak Mahmud, Alexis Roy


I. Adrianjara, Mojtaba Houballah

Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution

Research groups:

Carbon balance and ecosystem functioning group

Team leader: Nicolas Delpierre

  • Functional understanding of carbon and nitrogen fluxes in forest ecosystems.
  • Forest production under climatic constraints at the national and European scale.
  • Functional understanding of 13C isotopic compositions in herbaceous and woody plants.

Plant Biophotonics group

Team leader: Kamel Soudani

  • Understanding the links between plant optical characteristics and plant structural and functional attributes at leaf, canopy and regional scales.
  • Adaptation and acclimation of plants to abiotic environmental constraints (light, cold, hot, salinity), especially in alpine plants.