Biodiversity dynamics and macro-ecology

The BioM team’s researches focus on diverse topics, all related to large-scale biodiversity conservation facing the impacts of human activities. We are particularly interested in the consequences of climate change and biological invasions on biodiversity, with a particular attention for island ecosystems. Population dynamics is also a complementary axis of our studies to better understand the underlying ecological processes and consequences of biotic interactions at local scale. Our studies may mobilize different complementary approaches, such as lab experiments, field observations or various analytical approaches (meta-analyzes of the literature results, modeling, statistical analyses).

Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution TEAM LEADER: Franck Courchamp

Ugo Arbieu, Thomas Evans, Ivan Jaric, Anne-Claire Maurice, Thomas Hughes, Clara Marino, Jelena Knezevic Jaric, Gabriel Caetano, Gabriel Klippel

Research areas:

Conservation of biodiversity
Ecology of invasions
Macroecology and Global Changes
Island ecology