Evolutionary genetics and ecology

GEE conducts research in genetics, genomics, ecology and evolution. We are interested in fungal, bacterial, insect, plant and bird ecology and evolution, in species interactions (in particular plant-parasite interactions) and in the evolutionary genomics of adaptation.

We aim at understanding how species and populations adapt to their environment and we want to identify the underlying genes and processes. Our biological models include plant pathogenic fungi, domesticated fungi involved in making cheese and dry-cured meat, bacterial pathogens of humans (Mycobacterium tuberculosis), apple trees, Arabidopsis and its enemies, as well as birds and their associated microbes.

Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution TEAM LEADER: Tatiana Giraud

Tatiana Giraud, Fanny Hartmann, Juergen Kroymann, Amandine Labat, Anders Møller, Ricardo Rodriguez de la Vega, Jeanne Ropars, Guislaine Refrégier, Jacqui Shykoff, Alodie Snirc

PhD students
Amira Boukherissa, Ewen Crequer, Adrien Le Meur, Emilie Tezenas du Moncel, Pierre Véron, Elsa de Filippo

TEMPORARY MEMBERS (post-docs or technical staff)
Agathe Ballu, Lorelei Boyer, Thibault Caron, Antonio Camara, Elizabeth Makhoul Chahine, Marine Duhamel, Elise Lucotte, Samuel O’Donnell, Marina Pfalz, Quentin Rougemont, Jean-Philippe Vernadet, Rima Zein-Eddine, Pauline Michel.