Ecological Processes and human Impact

The PEPA team’s research focuses on the impact of human activities on biodiversity, especially on populations and communities. We are interested in the effects of climate change, environmental pollution, invasive species and other human-caused disturbances on population dynamics, ecosystem functioning, whether natural or man-made, and the services they provide.

These studies may involve chemistry, genetics, evolutionary biology, functional ecology, population monitoring, economics, modelling or participatory science. Thus, we use different complementary approaches: field observations, experimentation at different scales, data analysis, risk-exposure measures, meta-analysis of literature results, simulation modelling and mathematical analyses.

Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution TEAM LEADER: Emmanuelle Baudry

Emmanuelle Baudry, Carmen Bessa-Gomes, Maya Bimbot, Noureddine Bouaïcha, François Chiron, Sandrine Fontaine, Marc Girondot, Jean-Michel Guillon, Christophe Hanot, Virginie Héraudet, Sara Karolak, Lucie Oziol


Suzie Derminon, Pierre Lelong, Kirsty Scott, Quentin Dutertre, Mathieu Lachaise


Blanche Collard, Adriana Cortés-Gómes, Alejandra Morales-Mérida, Muriel Deparis, Job Aben

Research areas:

Conservation and population management
Ecology of biological invasions
Landscape ecology, change in ecosystem use and urbanization
Macroecology and climate change
Participatory sciences