Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution

« Insignifiant »
3D animation film (duration 30 min).
This film addresses questions about the place of humanity in the universe and the environment. Using powerful metaphors and magnificent computer graphics, it presents fascinating facts and impressive figures to show that, in the end, humanity is in many ways…

Dallol, aux frontières de la vie
Film Director: Olivier Grunewald. 2016. Participation: P. López-García, D. Moreira and L. Jardillier. Production Camera Lucida with the participation of Iris Fondation Iris, CNRS and a crowfunding project.

Effets cumulés des changements globaux sur la biodiversité
Video interview for UPSud, January 7, 2016. F. Courchamp.

La place de l’Homme dans l’environnement
Video interview for Commission Fulbright Franco-Américaine, May 18, 2016. F. Courchamp.

Participation to the film « Les « Super-Juniors » s’engagent pour la planète »
Broadcast on 17 November 2017. France 4. F. Courchamp

Interviews for Film “HOPE” by Yann Arthus Bertrand
by Yann Arthus Bertrand (22 June 2015 & 2 July 2015). F. Courchamp.

Nine Days in Borneo
Documentary film about a field mission in Malaysia by H. Sauquet and R. Onstein:

Participation of P. López-García and D. Moreira in the documentary « Atom sweet home "
2015. Duration 52’ Authors : B. Giros, V. Gaullier and R. Girardot. Realisation V. Gaullier et R. Girardot. Production Ex Nihilo / Universcience / CNRS Images, with the participation of France Télévisions.

Plant Evolution
short video realized by H. Sauquet explaining some key facts and concepts about the evolution of terrestrial plants form a phylogenetic perspective:

Interviews of children and scientists on their vision of evolution. T. Giraud.

Interviews des élèves (Primaire, collège, lycée) : Lucie, Marilou et Margaux

Interviews des scientifiques (Sciences de l’évolution, mathématiques, sciences humaines) 
1) Pierre-Henri Gouyon :
2) Guillaume Lecointre :
3) Evelyne Heyer :
4) Philippe Descola :
5) Jacques Arnould :
6) Cédric Villani :
7) Puri Lopez-Garcia :
8) Alain Damasio :

Atmosphère de Recherche
Film on the history of the researches carried out by ESE on ash and its natural hybridization, following the trade dispute between Ireland and France. Author N. Frascaria. With N. Frascaria-Lacoste, Raquin, R. Joseph, J.-Y. Pontailler

Interviews UP’Magazine N. Frascaria-Lacoste

Participation to the film Planète Corps
It offers an unprecedented microscopic safari to meet the creatures that lives on the surface or in the depths of the human body. 2014. 90 min (+ version 2x46min) ARTE. Production MonaLisa. Four international awards. Writing and presentation by F. Courchamp.