Shengyu Wang

Position: Doctoral Researcher

Team: Biodiversity dynamics and macro-ecology

Contact details:
Laboratoire Écologie, Systématique et Évolution – IDEEV
Université Paris Saclay
Bât. 680 – 12, route 128
91190 Gif Sur Yvette




Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution

Research interests

I aim to examine the effects of invasive species on native communities on the global scales. I am also interested in the plant-herbivore-ant interactions.

Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution


Martin, Philip A., Christie, Alec P., Shackelford, Gorm E., Hood, Amelia S. C., Wang, S. Y., Li, B., Morgan, W., Lee, M., Aldridge, David C., & Sutherland, William J. (2023). Flexible synthesis can deliver more tailored and timely evidence for research and policy. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 120(25), e2221911120.

Wang, S. Y., Martin, P. A., Hao, Y., Sutherland, W. J., Shackelford, G. E., Wu, J. H., Ju, R. T., Zhou, W. N, & Li, B. (2023). A global synthesis of the effectiveness and ecological impacts of management interventions for Spartina species. Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering, 17(11), 141.