Suzie Derminon

Position: PhD student

Team: Ecological Processes and human Impact

Contact details:
Laboratoire Écologie, Systématique et Évolution – IDEEV
Université Paris Saclay
Bât. 680 – 12, route 128
91190 Gif Sur Yvette



Email: suzie.derminon (at)

Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution

Research interests

I work on the impact of urbanization and urban densification on plant and bird communities in mainland France. I am particularly interested in the time lags between these environmental changes and ecosystem responses.

My thesis project is threefold:

  • Development of a method for describing Strasbourg’s past urban landscapes using historical aerial images (1966, 1976, 1986, 2000, 2015) and texture indices from these images. This method was then used to describe the impact of landscape history on current plant and bird communities.
  • Characterization of urban densification and urbanization in Ile-de-France between 1982 and 2021, and study of the impact of the dynamics of these processes on plant and bird communities and their temporal dynamics.
  • Assessment of the tolerance of French birds to buildings by analyzing the distance between species occurrences and the nearest building throughout metropolitan France. Study of the evolution of this distance to buildings over time.

(Based on Vincent Delsanti’s internship)

Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution


For two years (2021-2023), I took part in the scientific mediation mission of the Maisons d’Initiation et de Sensibilisation aux Sciences d’Orsay with classes from CE2 to 3e (8 to 15 years old).

Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution


I am conducting my thesis under the supervision of François Chiron (ESE), Pierre-Alexis Herrault (LIVE, Strasbourg) and Audrey Muratet (LIVE, Strasbourg)

Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution

Career path

2014-2016 – Preparatory class for engineering schools, MPSI & MP, Lycée Chateaubriand (Rennes)

2016-2020 – Engineering cycle at Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau)

2019-2020 – Double diploma in Urban Green Spaces Engineering, AgroParisTech (Paris)

2020-2021 – Research engineer on the FONTE project, ESE Laboratory

2021-2024 – PhD thesis at Université Paris-Saclay, Laboratoire ESE (in progress)

Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution


Mouillot, D., Derminon, S., Mariani, G., Senina, I., Fromentin, J.-M., Lehodey, P., & Troussellier, M. (2023). Industrial fisheries have reversed the carbon sequestration by tuna carcasses into emissions. Global Change Biology, 29, 5062–5074.