Jacqui Shykoff

Position: Senior Research Scientist
Detailed position: Senior Research Scientist CNRS - IDEEV Director

Team: Evolutionary genetics and ecology

Contact details:
Laboratoire Écologie, Systématique et Évolution - IDEEV
Bureau 2323 Bât. 680 - 12, route 128
91190 Gif Sur Yvette

Tel: +33 (0)1 69 15 56 66

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Email: jacqui.shykoff (at) universite-paris-saclay.fr

Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution

Research interests

I am interested in adaptation. I study various host-parasite interactions and am branching into the study of mutualisms. My main interest is in the evolution of exploitation strategies – how parasites exploit their hosts and how hosts and mutualists exploit each other.

I work on a variety of systems, most of them plants and some kind of microbe (fungi, oomycetes, bacteria) but also plants and pollinators and cuckoos and their host species. I also maintain an active interest in the evolution of reproductive systems or breeding systems, mainly in flowering plants.

I am currently director of the doctoral school ED 567: “Sciences du Végétal”

Key words: adaptation, host-parasite interactions, plant-mutualist and plant-pollinator interactions, reproduction system or breeding system evolution

Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution


I am responsible for a module in the Master BEE called “Ecology in English” which is mainly about efficient communication of science. I also teach a number of doctoral courses on manuscript and project writing.

Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution

Career path

Bachelor: University of Toronto, Canada
Masters: Bowling Green State University, USA
Doctorate: Universität Basel, Switzerland
Postdoc: Instituut voor Oecologisch Onderzoek, Heteren, The Netherlands.
Junior Group Leader: Institut für Terrestrische Ökologie, ETH-Zürich, Switzerland
CNRS Researcher: Ecologie, Systématique, Evolution, Orsay, France